I Ching Horoscopes

This drawing is a horoscope showing the eight trigrams, the signs of the tropical or seasonal zodiac, then the signs of the sidereal or stellar zodiac, and on the outermost edge, the actual constellations can be seen in their appropriate places.

(Please note that this is a northern hemisphere horoscope. A southern hemisphere chart will be presented elsewhere.)

This horoscope is a more modern version of the previous drawing. This one is computer gener­ated but instead of the trigrams in the middle, here one can see the planets’ positions and as­pects, in short, the whole horoscope. One can also see the sixty-four hexagrams positioned around the wheel. As the planets move around the wheel or the heavens, they move through the degrees of the zodiac and through the corresponding lines of the I Ching.

This is the chart of Carl Jung, a psychologist who played a significant role in propagating the I Ching in the west.

This is another horoscope form including the signs of the zodiac. This chart was made on a drafting table and shrunk down photographically to usable size. Because the constellations were included on the wheel, there had to be a different form for every fifty years.

Again this is the horoscope of Carl Jung. The lines in the centre are the aspect or relationship lines between the planets. Red lines signify stress, so not only can planets be in a line of a hexa­gram, they can also have differing degrees of stress affecting them.

This is another pre-computer chart incorporating the I Ching with the zodiac. By doing so, there is also a correlation of the colour spectrum to the zodiac signs and to the I Ching hexagrams.

This is a newer chart drawn in Photoshop. This chart adds the constellations around the tropical zodiac wheel. The I Ching applies to the Tropical or seasonal zodiac. The constellations move 1 degree every 72 years in relation to the tropical zodiac.

This is another chart drawn up using photoshop. This charts puts 745 stars around the wheel. The stars move through the degrees and the lines of the hexagrams at a speed of 1 degree in 72 years.

May the Force be with you!